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Air Conditioning

Don’t lose your cool this summer have your air con serviced with Car Clinic 051351051

We offer a complete package, comprehensive diagnostics for the climate control area of the system.

Complete selection of leak detection tools with access to all parts necessary for all makes and models.

When Should You Have Your Car Air Conditioner Serviced?

  • Yearly, Before It Gets Hot!
  • As Soon As you notice any decline in your auto AC performance, air is not blowing through the vents properly, or air is not cold.
  • If you notice a foul odor or musty smelling air coming from the vents

AC Service Includes:

  • Inspect lines and hoses for corrosion and leaks
  • Check high and low pressure readings
  • Remove old gas and lube in your cars system then automatically carry out vacuum test
  • Change / clean refrigerant system
  • Recharge aircon gas…insert correct oil and leak detection florescent die.
  • Test output air temperature on the coldest possible setting with our thermal imaging camera for live and accurate readings
  • Our mechanics are careful to follow environmentally safe refrigerant handling and disposal procedures as outlined in the Environmentally Program.
  • In our complete package avail of the anti-bacteria treatment

Benefits of Service:

  • Stay cool and comfortable regardless of Irish weather!
  • Keep the cost of repairs and replacement parts down by keeping up with regular maintenance.
  • Protect your lungs from harmful mildew, mold, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants.

Cabin filters and anti-bacteria treatment

Your car's air conditioning system is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria, microorganisms, mould and fungi. Condensation on the car air conditioning evaporator coil is the perfect environment to cultivate micro- organisms, bacteria and fungi. It’s where the medical condition of Sick Car Syndrome got its name. It’s a not all bad news, we can simply treat the system with an anti-bacteria treatment, The anti-bacteria treatment kills bacteria, viruses, odours, and mould spores at the source for a purified, healthier, and more comfortable interior environment. The anti-bacteria treatment can clean your car air conditioning system in a safe, allergy free manner.

Cabin filters should be changed on a yearly basis as a clogged cabin filters with put a strain on the A/C system and reduce the performance. Poor quality air makes you tired, irritates your eyes and respiratory tract. Cabin air filters ensure improved comfort and fresh air in your car, as they almost completely free the air entering the vehicle of dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants – precisely those substances which are causing health problems for more and more people – especially asthmatics and those with allergies.

Like all filters, cabin air filters also have to be changed regularly. As a general rule, they should be serviced at one-year intervals or after every 15,000 km travelled. Misty windows, a stuffy cabin and a malfunctioning air conditioning system are also sure signs that replacement is necessary.

Air Conditioner Components which periodically need Service:

Common Car Air Conditioner Problems often involve repairs or replacements of one or more of the following components:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Liquid Line
  • Orifice Tube
  • Receiver/Drier
  • Accumulator
  • Control Head
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Amplifier
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor
  • Dual Climate Control
  • Evaporator
  • Cabin Filters
  • High-Pressure Switch
  • Vintage Air
  • Manifold Hoses
  • Blend Door Actuators
  • Evaporator Cases
  • 134-A
  • High and Low Fittings
  • Blower Motors
  • Relay

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